…and the beat goes on, from generation to generation


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Musik hält jung…
Musik verbindet…

Wie das geht – hier einige Tipps (gefunden auf aaarp.org vom 29. Juli 2009)

Tips for Sharing Music Across the Generations:

Go as a family to hear music.
Experience all kinds of music. Expose younger and older generations to a wide variety. Everyone doesn’t have to like the same things, it’s all about listening, discerning, appreciating, … and having common experiences. Elderhostel even has several intergenerational trips that are musically oriented.

Share your earbuds.
Have a mediaplayer? Ask your kids, grandkids, or parents to listen to bits of your music now and then. Listen to their playlists. You will surely find something to talk about, whether it’s how the music makes you feel or the variety of the playlists. No mediaplayer? Ask the younger generations in your family to share theirs with you and to show you how it works! Or poke around on the Internet to find music sites.

Take it outdoors.
There’s something extra moving about music outdoors. It can make music you don’t care for seem much better,… and the casual atmosphere is conducive to family interactions.

Stretch yourself.
Try something new among the generations in your family. Introduce a whole new genre of music to your family. Take music lessons together. Try writing your own songs. Play Guitar Hero, or Ultimate Band, video games that all generations can rock to. Be a role model; show that anyone can enjoy making music. You don’t have to be a pro!

Start young.
Children have open attitudes about music. They often show great enthusiasm and unbridled joy when it comes to making, listening to, and moving to music. Take advantage of that, and make sure they hear all kinds of music on a regular basis. It will help them learn.

Stay young.
No matter your age, experiencing music with other generations can keep your mind stimulated and keep you young. Don’t get stuck in your oldies. Try something new. Music can boost your brain power!

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