7 Tips for Hiring Older Workers


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„Call them senior citizens, retirees, or simply older workers: Hiring employees from this fast-growing group can be a smart way to bring expertise to a business. So why don’t more companies do it?

Baby boomers have been nicknamed the „Silver Tsunami“ for their impact on every facet of society. Now, as 76,000,000 of them reach age 60 and beyond, it seems they either can’t or don’t want to stop working. This revolution in past assumptions is poised to change the workplace — and be a bonanza for smart, open-minded business owners.

„If you look at data on older individuals‘ job performance and abilities, they get mind-blowingly better with age,“ says Peter Cappelli, professor of management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. „Especially in areas increasingly key to success, like interpersonal skills and teamwork. And older workers are flexible, which employers also say they want.“[…]“

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